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We provides a wide range of quality assurance and testing services to ensure that the product meets market requirements and meets international quality standards. Our services include, but are not limited to:


Involved from the idea brainstorming and all the way to LIVE release, including maintenance services.
Includes manual, smart device and automated testing.

Manual testing

Involved from manually reviewing and testing a software application, simulating the behavior of a real user, to identify errors, bugs, and other issues without using automated tools.

Automated testing

Out team can create end to end regression, load and stress testing, fully automated.

Consultancy services

Our experts will help you get the most out of your quality assurance activities and create a schedule that meets your quality and business requirements.

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1. What you'd like to get help with?

In a personal or web meeting with you, we will determine the exact needs for software testing based on your wishes. We know our customers personally and therefore know what is important to them.

2. We create your quality assurance journey.

Our team create an individual quality plan for you and your company, which is perfectly tailored to your target group and your appearance. After all, your own your product or website and it reflects the professionalism of your company to the outside world. Therefore, a modern testing and a high user-friendliness are the foundations of our work. Our team creates the whole testing design  documentations of your software product or website individually and tailor-made.

3. Ready? We finalize your product together.

In each phase you will gain insight into the testing of your new company product or website. If you have any questions, we will call you and clarify all questions promptly and personally. We will participate in the improvement of your product or website at all time, as our focus in to get the best out of the product quality.

4. Your website or product goes online!

And your new website or product goes online. We will be happy to  support continously the further development of you product. So that you feel well looked after, we will continue to provide you with help and advice. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Our knowledge base

Technical excellence and a profound understanding of your business processes are the hallmarks of our work. We are proud that customers from a wide variety of industries have trust in our work.
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Acceptance testing

Accessibilty testing

Adhoc testing

Alpha testing

Assertion testing

Automation testing

Black-box testing

QA Consultancy

Compatibility testing

Cross-browser testing

Smart device testing

End-to-end testing

Exploratory testing

Functional testing

Integration testing

Load testing

Localization testing

Maintenance testing

Monkey testing

Performance testing

Regression testing

Sanity testing


System testing

Test leadership

Test Management

Usability testing

QA outsourcing

QA training

and more ...

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Our packages include the complete website creation, consulting and further technical support. Each of our websites is optimized for display on smartphones and tablets and can be updated and extended indefinitely by you after creation. Even after programming the website, we are always there for you and offer you reliable support. Take advantage of our many years of experience!



per month

  • Basic manual testing
  • Up to 10 hours 
  • Flexible resource
  • Duration: 12 months


On Request

  • Custom testing
  • Allocated hours 
  • Dedicated resource
  • Duration: Custom
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Any questions? You find the answers here.

Our service is aimed for any-sized companies. So for all those who have a need for a professionally tested software product, but want to have it completed externally, for example due to a lack of time or the lack of indepth testing knowleadge. For us, quality and good service do not have to be expensive.

In principle, we offer our customers an all-round testing package with the quality first focus. Nevertheless, it is helpful for the subsequent success of your product if we receive information from you on the following points:

  •  Provide details of your product (does it have a valid domain, an internet address or it is used as a internal system, or is it a mobile app?)
  •  Be open to start the first connection wih us - probably the most important first step, all the rest will follow.

We have been creating for over a decade full testing documentations, including test plans, test cases, risk analysis, end of testing reports as well as fully automated testing records/statements, but this would have been difficult without our cliends collaboration. We need your product knowledge. If we know how it is intended to work, than we can focus more indepth on your product quality. Client documentations if available is a great advantage, however its not a MUST. Be open to share your knowledge, let us do the magic.

Let's start by firstly understand your product. We come with a plan for testing and can decide together the minimal testing required for your product. If you have a website, we have a standard testing process that we suggest. However, if it is a more complex product, than it will require more information, so we can provide you a focused and details testing plan. We create a first draft of a high level testing plan within a few hours. Already in an call or meeting with our experts we try to learn as much as possible about your product and ideas and can implement them immediately in a test plan.

We will be happy to redesign your Testing plan, if the details are still relevant with the latest technologies and modern design, or we create a new one using the content of your old Testing plan, if desired.

Our testing experince enables us to help you with:

Web application testing - Mobile application testing - Smart device testing - Website testing - Desktop testing - Test documentations

Cloud solutions testing - Internet of things testing - Games testing - API testing - Backend testing - but not limited too.

Experienced team:

Tap into 18+ years of quality assurance and software testing experience and bring it into your in-house team.

Focused on thorough analysis:

Hire our consultants to help you create a thorough testing plan for your current project and help you build a testing strategy that you can apply for all future projects.


If you find that you will require extra hands on deck for the testing of your projects you can immediately extend your team with QA engineers and testers from our company.

Users satisfaction:

Statistic shows that 24% of users abandon an app after one use. Help your users stay with you. Bug free code, attractive design, and an intuitive interface increase the chances that your user will return to the app again and again.

Speed performance:

Almost 47% of users using a web application will leave it if its speed load is more than 3 seconds. Most users consider that the application performance should not exceed 1-2 seconds. Testing helps to identify web applications weak points and increase app work for several times.

Boosted revenues

The more devices will support your application, the more users will have access to your services. According to Google’s Think Insights on Mobile, 67% of users have a more confident attitude to your services, or products, if they had a positive experience from using of your web application, or visiting a website.

Functional quality:

How the customer receives the service; the expressive nature of the service delivery (e.g. courtesy, attentiveness, promptness) The technical quality is relatively objective and therefore easy to measure. However, difficulties arise when trying to evaluate functional quality.

(resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_quality)

Outsourcing software testing will allow your businesses to minimize people onboarding time and completely eliminate the need to search for the right candidate, interview procesess, and employ a test engineers for your in-house team. Reduce costs, save time, start testing towards QUALITY PRODUCT.

We currently can provide you with:
- Dedicated team - hire team
- Staff expansion - hiring testers
- Project-based outsourcing - outsource testing

About time we focus on your product testing 
and get you ready  QUALITY.

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to be present online. More and more internet users and potential customers are looking online for information, services and products. Take off with us and convince yourself of our first-class testing service! We look forward to hearing from you!